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Dentists, That Help That Is Sometimes Needed

A dentist or dentist is that professional who is dedicated to the care of our oral health. It is responsible for the Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to teeth and gums with the sole purpose that we can wear a perfect smile and that our mouth is in perfect health.

Sometimes, the figure of the dentist is associated with someone who causes a bit of uneasiness and anxiety in the patients before the prospect of possible damage or discomfort that formerly caused the visit to the consultation of these professionals. Although at the beginning of this branch of medicine this association of ideas was quite common, nowadays, the dentist’s discussion should not provoke any type of anxiety in patients, since dental science has known how to grow and adapt to the times.Today we have very different and very comfortable techniques for the treatment of all mouth conditions. The discomfort that can be suffered when undergoing surgery is minimal in many cases practically non-existent, especially in clinics that have opted for innovation and have adopted new techniques and equipment to make their work much more pleasant for the patient. Dentists are that guardian angel who watches over the health and well-being of everyone’s mouth, who can detect a problem no matter how small it may be to find the most suitable path towards a rapid recovery.

What are the primary functions of a Dentist?

To perform this task dentists have various techniques and treatments. Selecting the most suitable one is a function of the professional depending on the characteristics of each case. An experienced professional with the appropriate training is one who, after an adequate review, can guide his patient on the best path to follow to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time, to begin the treatment that is most effective. The consultations must be personalized since each person is a world and not all mouths are the same. Having dentists who can make their patients feel special and unique, who convey concern for the welfare of them and know how to advise and help them correctly is a luxury for oral health specific treatments for each person and each case, both in children’s dentistry and adults. They have the best professionals to guarantee that they can offer the best to their patients and that success in all treatments is practically guaranteed.

dental bridges

What Are Dental Bridges And Their Working?

Both crown and most of the dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. Unusual to the appliances like the dentures that can be taken out and cleaned on a daily basis, the crowns and bridges are fixed by way of cementing on the existing teeth or implants that can be removed only by a dentist.


How does the dental bridge work?

A bridge is recommended in case you have any missing teeth. Gaps can cause the rest of the teeth to shift or rotate in the empty space resulting in a bad bite. This imbalance can result in gum diseases or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.


Dental bridges are used to replace the missing teeth, especially if its more than one. They simply cover the gap between the for the missing teeth. These bridges are cemented onto the implanted teeth or natural teeth which are near the empty spaces. These teeth are named as abutments, and for bridges they serve as anchors. A replacement tooth, also called ass pontic, is attached to the crown which covers the abutments. You can select the material that will be used for the bridge.


The dentist will guide you with the options of the material and their associated pros and cons. The material is selected depending on which teeth you are replacing, its place, function and the aesthetic considerations along with the cost. Bridges made of porcelain or ceramic can be as the color of your natural teeth.


How are the bridges made?

Even before the dental bridges can be made the tooth or the teeth have to be reduced in size so that the bridge fills it over adequately. After the reduction process, the dentist takes the impression to get an exact mold for the dental bridge to fit in. If ceramic or porcelain is used, the dentist will ascertain the exact shade of the dental bridge matching your existing teeth.


With the help of this impression the dental lab then makes the dental bridge in the material that has been selected by you as per the specifications of the dentist. A temporary bridge is prepared to put in place to be covered while the permanent dental bridge is being made. As the permanent bridge is prepared, the temporary bridge is removed, and the new permanent bridge is cemented over the prepared tooth or teeth.


How long do dental bridges last?

The bridges usually last a lifetime, in very rare cases do they fall out or get loose. To assure the longevity of the dental bridge the most suggested Norwegian practice is Tannlegene på Torvet – Tannlege Sandefjord being one of the best in the whole country, to maintain good oral hygiene. The gums should be kept healthy, and teeth need to be kept healthy by brushing them regularly twice a day and flossing them daily. Also regular visit with the dentist or professional cleaning service provider for check-ups. With a new dental bridge chewing of hard foods, ice or delightful foods should be avoided.


Thus dental bridge helps to hold teeth in place and make the daily activities like eating and talking quite comfortable.


A Brief About Orthodontics

A Brief About Orthodontics

Dentistry is a broad field and patients who have certain irregularities and thereby need to follow up with an orthodontist.  Thus an orthodontist is one who deals with your teeth and gum issues that are beyond cavities and gum diseases. The orthodontist specialist helps the individuals with problems associated with their bite alignment and the ones who need teeth straightening procedures that are above the simpler solutions like the Invisalign.


The Irregularities That An Orthodontist Treat:

Malocclusions or bad bites is one of the common dental problems which can easily be treated by an orthodontist. They can be diagnosed with the help of diagnostic tools, special x-rays, and photographs and then carefully studied by a dentist or orthodontist to ascertain the need. Some of the issues are listed below:


  • Underbite: In this, the lower jaw covers the upper jaw.
  • Overbite: The upper jaw goes far beyond to over the lower jaw
  • Upper front teeth protrusion: In this, the lower teeth do not extend too far, or the upper teeth extend too far
  • Crossbite: The upper teeth goes inside the lower teeth.
  • Spacing: The gap between the teeth is too much, or there is a tooth missing
  • Crowding: The teeth do not have space to erupt.
  • Dental midline mismatch: The teeth at the back do not align as per the needs.
  • Openbite: The upper and the lower upper teeth do not overlap in between.


Of all the above it is the spacing or the crowding issues that are dealt most commonly by the Norwegian dentist office, Tannlege Trondheim * Tannklinikken Dent – Moderne Tannlegesenter Trondheim. Usually, a general dentist does not diagnose the case of alignment in the periodic check-up. Only when the case of malocclusion is grave enough, you may be asked to visit an orthodontist specialist to receive the treatment that a dentist cannot offer.


The treatment offered by the orthodontist like the Invisalign is beneficial and has proved its worth for many people and is a better option than the braces. It is just a method however for issues like overbite, underbite, gapped teeth or cosmetic procedures it is not severe. Age in case of orthodontist procedure is quite crucial as at a young age there is a requirement of advanced procedure to assure the long-term corrections, and thus the need for consulting an orthodontist is crucial.


When is the right time to visit an orthodontist?

As per the specialist a child by no later than 7 years of should have an appointment with the orthodontist. Thus if there are any issues of alignment, it can be identified in time. Also, the problems that have been created by thumb sucking or bottle-feeding can also be diagnosed. Early treatments assure that treatment can stop the behavior from causing damage to teeth and jaw growth. As a part of routine work, an orthodontist can guide jaw growth and monitor the child to improve the appearance and the structure of teeth.


Thereby it can be concluded that orthodontist is the branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of teeth and jaws. Thus the benefit of orthodontic treatment helps pleasing appearance and teeth that is to last for a lifetime.


A brief about Periodontitis – Causes, symptoms & treatments

A brief about Periodontitis – Causes, symptoms & treatments

Periodontitis is widespread gum disease. The problem worsens when there is unexpected bacterial growth in the mouth. The problem is not severe in the beginning, but, if not treated at the right time, it can worsen and may lead to the spoiling of the tissue that is the part of the teeth.

There is a common myth that revolves around this problem. The patients usually get confused between periodontitis and gingivitis. Gingivitis is a disease wherein there is inflammation of the gum. In some instances, one would see that gingivitis leads to periodontitis. However, this does not happen in all the cases. If gingivitis is not treated on time, it will lead to periodontitis.

Symptoms and Causes

One of the most important and early signs of periodontitis is receding gums, and slowly one notices the formation of little pockets between the gums and the teeth. If the problem progresses, and the infection spreads beyond the gum line, it leads to loss of tooth and will also destroy all the bones, tissues and ligaments that are surrounding the mouth.

Some of the significant symptoms of periodontitis are:

  1. The patient undergoes a lot of pain while chewing the food.
  2. The alignment of the teeth starts to change.
  3. Gums start receding.
  4. Soon one begins to notice the formation of pockets between the teeth and the gums.
  5. Bad breath.
  6. Formation of sores inside your mouth.
  7. Teeth become sensitive which may lead to the loss of teeth.


The treatment of Periodontitis is divided into two forms. One is the surgical way, and the other is the non-surgical way.

Surgical way:

  1. Surgery: In this case, the doctor tries to reduce the pockets that have been formed. The doctor will make precise incisions in the gum so that the gum tissue can be lifted back.
  2. Grafting of the tissue: As the gumline has receded. To take care of that, a small amount of tissue will be removed from the palate of your mouth and will be kept at the affected side.
  3. Grafting of the bone: As soon as the bone that surrounds the root of your tooth has been destroyed, the doctor will start the procedure of bone grafting, wherein the loss of a tooth is prevented by holding the tooth in that position for long.
  4. Regeneration of the tissue: In this process, the bone which was destroyed because the bacteria starts growing again. In this case, the doctor takes one fabric which is biocompatible and places it between the bone and the tooth. It is because of this that the growth of unwanted tissue stops and bone starts growing back.

Non-surgical way:

  1. Scaling: This method helps in removing the bacteria from your mouth. It can be done easily with the help of either laser or any device.
  2. Root planning: This method helps in smoothening the surface of the root, as a result of which the growth of bacteria is stopped and the surface starts to heal in a much faster way.
  3. Use of antibiotics: Antibiotics like gels, mouth rinsing liquid, help in eliminating the bacteria.

It can be treated but to get better advice; you need to consult the Norwegian specialist, Tannlege Bjelland i Bergen immediately.…

Tips to find the right cosmetic dentist for you

Tips to find the right cosmetic dentist for you

A cosmetic dentist is the one that treats the color, size, position, shape, and alignment of teeth. These problems may occur for a variety of reasons from eating habits to accidents which change the alignment of teeth. Healthy teeth play a prominent role for a bright smile. People get attracted to smile.

Upon digging further, it is found that people also notice your teeth and gums consciously or sub-consciously. So, it is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth for a pleasant looking smile. Problems are common, and they appear due to our habits as said above. Choosing a right cosmetic dentist is essential for your beautiful smile. Failing to do so, you have to lose more money for fixing the new problems that have arrived due to poor selection of the dentist.

Here are the tips to find the right cosmetic dentist for you in Ålesund, Norway.

Search the Internet (google it):

Information is available on the internet. You can start by searching simple search words like best cosmetic dentists in the city where you can enter the location of yours. Do not finalize upon visiting the first link in the search results.

Check multiple sites that give you information about dentists and hospitals. Among the list, Filter them out and check for reviews for each one of them.

Pricing and Location factors:

Do not get fooled by the hospitals which promise to do the work at a low price compared to others. Our face is the most sensitive area among all parts of our body. You have to consult a professional and only a professional while dealing with sensitive parts like teeth.

Never compromise on dentists who are closer to you. Go for professionals even though they are highly priced and far away. You want work and professionals will get the job done without any side effects.

Consider the previous works:

In general, the websites will have before and after photos of former patients who have undergone a successful transformation. Upon filtering, along with location and price, consider the before and after photos by visiting their websites.

This step will get you one more step closer to finding the right cosmetic dentist for you.

Ask your friends/ relatives:

This step would have been best at the start itself as it saves time. But the problem is, if your friends suggest a dentist and you also feel convinced, you will consult him without any second thought. It is right that your friends don’t lie to you but getting the information by yourself first is always good.

After doing the above things, now ask your friends and relatives about cosmetic dentists. They will give the information. Compare them to your list. You can further filter out based on the factors.

Trial visits:

Yes, now you have come down to top 3 or 5 hospitals in your list. Now it is the time to make a trial visit to each hospital. Observe the environment, equipments and employees. You can personally rate them after observation.


Try the above tips and the find right cosmetic dentist for you. Smiling is an effective way of communication expressing positive feelings around you. Consult a professional dentist to solve your problems by taking into account the above tips and Tannlege Ålesund can always help you.…

Why Is It Convenient To Go To The Dentist?

Everyone knows the need to go to the dentist’s office at least once a year to do an adequate review and be able to detect any problem in time, but this requirement is not always met. Many people still have certain reservations to visit the dentist; they experience an irrational fear of submitting to the hands of this professional. That fear is based on ancient practices that were performed in the mouths of patients. The old dentists used relatively basic and annoying techniques for the treatment of dental diseases. This fact caused a lot of pain in the patient and therefore the rejection of it to go to the consultation. The pain in the mouth is a very unpleasant sensation, and it prevents to realize a significant number of daily activities as it can be to speak or to eat.

In general, the dentist is the mouth doctor. The dentist is the professional in charge of taking care of the health of the teeth, the gums and of the mouth in general, it must prevent the possible problems that may appear as is the case of gingivitis or periodontal issues also, it must provide due treatment for the cure of those problems.

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